HW Reliability Laboratory

HW Reliability Testing Laboratory

HW Reliability laboratory overview

TESTiLABS has a wide range of mechanical test equipment to cover most of the relevant EN/IEC, ISO and MIL standard tests among others. Equipment includes a vibration shaker, guided free fall testers with high speed video camera and random free fall testers. Our laboratory also has test equipment to perform different modes of wearing and hardness testing.

With our long experience in developing innovative testing solutions, we can create testing conditions that are tailored to match your final end-user environment. For example, in long lasting cycling tests, we can utilize our pneumatic based test solutions and also our programmable robot.

Environmental testing equipment

TESTiLABS has a total of 9 climatic chambers including temperature, humidity, UV, solar radiation, salt mist and thermal shock chambers. The parameters of some of the chambers are below.

Tempereture / Humidity Chamber Weiss WK(1) 600/40

  • Volume: approx. 600 L
  • Dimensions: approx. 750X780x900 mm
  • Max. total sample loading 80 kg (bottom 80kg, each tray max. 30kg)
  • Temperature range: -40 °C to 180 °C
  • Change rates: 4 K/min heating, 3 K/min cooling
  • Humidity range:10-98% RH
  • Using humidity limits temperature range to +10 – +95 °C
  • Thermal compensation: 1500 W

Corrosion Alternating Tests Chamber Weiss SC/KWT 1000

  • Corrosive salt mist and warm, condensing humidity testing
  • Volume approx. 950 L
  • Dimensions: 1650x560x740mm, trays for ~20 cm high samples available
  • Temperature range: 5 K above ambient to +50 °C (salt spray), +45 °C (condensing water atmosphere test)
  • Humidity range: ambient humidity to saturation
  • Typical test room: ~30% RH, temperature +21 °C

Shaker Ling Dynamic Systems V380-335+SPA10K

  • Maximum continuous displacement 50.8 mm (pk-pk)
  • Max weight approx. 50 kg.

Temperature Shock Test Chamber Heraeus/Vötsch HT/VT 7012 S2

  • Moving chamber volume 120 L
  • Live monitoring possible but cumbersome
  • Only dry heat/cold
  • Cold zone minimum temperature: -80 °C
  • Hot zone maximum temperature: +220 °C

Physical failure analysis equipment

TESTiLABS has broad range of analysis test equipment to determine the cause of physical failures. The most sophisticated equipment is Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectrometer), which can be used for elemental composition analyses and very high resolution imaging. Other valuable equipment to find the root cause of failures includes:

  • metallurgy microscopes
  • stereo microscopes
  • grinding and polishing machines for cross section analyses
  • diamond blade saw for cutting hard and substances
  • X-Ray

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