Discover TESTiLABS Camera tuning services at MWC19

Flash Testing Camera Verification

As MWC19 is approaching, we are looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces we have met before and new ones that we have yet to meet.

TESTiLABS’ theme at last year’s Mobile World Congress was our Field-Testing service. We were positively surprised by how many companies had needs aligned with our Field-Testing services, particularly among module vendors. During that year, we started working with leading module vendors, particularly in LTE-IoT Field testing. Naturally, we have also met many of our current customers and a lot of our old partners and colleagues from Nokia era.

So, after a successful 2018, TESTiLABS is starting 2019 in Barcelona with a blast. In MWC19, we are showcasing our very own camera testing and image quality tuning services:
Thanks to a brand-new laboratory, we now have access to a comprehensive set of different tests and tuning equipment making it one of the few all-inclusive commercial camera test laboratories in the world.

Why you should meet us at MWC19 for our IQ tuning services?

Optimal Image and video quality in reduced development time:

  • Traditional way of doing Image Quality tuning is to start the tuning work when product prototypes are available.
  • We can start Image Quality Tuning work when camera/flash modules are available. Both can be tested in a reference environment and the characterization results are then used to generate initial tunings.
  • Our Advanced and Advanced+ tuning methods mean you can launch you product at the targeted time with the top image quality.

We perform our IQ tests on several areas that influence the overall image quality, such as:

  • AF (autofocus)
  • AE (autoexposure) and tone mapping
  • Colours: AWB (Auto White Balance), CCM (Color Correction), LSC (Lens Shading Correction)
  • Pixel Processing
    • Noise filter
    • Sharpening
  • Flash: AWB, AE, CCM

We decide accordingly, thanks to our advanced tests, which areas need improvement according to certain standards and references and tune them accordingly.

Here is a sneak peak of how we can improve your device’s colours, learn more about our process by visiting our booth in MWC:

Comparison betwee device's colour quality before and after camera tuning

By drawing out a more accurate colour reproduction and getting the device’s value of ΔE closer to customer expectation (ΔE is the measure of change in visual perception of two given colours.)

Where can you find us?

Meet TESTiLABS at Mobile World Congress 25 – 27th February 2019 in Barcelona. We will be at Finland stand 5C41. Pop in to discuss how we can ensure your product excels in performance and gets smooth access to the market.

If you would like to understand more or need assistance to verify your products in a global environment, contact us. We are happy to help you deliver high quality products to the market. Read more about our camera testing and iq tuning services here, our camera laboratories here or contact us directly via e-mail at: risto.timisjä