New Expansion of Camera Laboratories

After months of hard work, the new camera laboratory expansion in a VCX certified and trusted lab was completed in November which meant it was time to celebrate!

New VCX Lab

Part of the expansion was the launching of a brand new VCX test lab. VCX score (or Valued Camera Experience) is a numeric indicator of the camera value of mobile phones and products. In fact, it is based on an objective assessment of equipment. Thanks to the new lab, we can quickly check what your smartphone’s camera VCX score is and how it fares against its market competitors. For more info, please check out:

If you are not happy about your camera image quality, we can help you. Thanks to our Camera Improvement Tuning services, we can refine your smartphone’s camera. This will guarantee you a better performance in different areas (Auto Focus, Flash, Color etc.…), leading to a a better photo and video quality and a higher VCX score rank compared to your competitors, ultimately meaning you will sell more phones!

Moreover, the new laboratory has a comprehensive set of different tests and tuning equipment making it one of the few all-inclusive commercial camera test laboratories in the world.

It even has a bar! Unfotunately, the bar environment is not for drinking. However, it remains one of the many examples of different scenarios in which we test your smartphone. These environments encompass different aspects such as low light, shades of natural green, city panoramas and much more.

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